5 Tips For Selling Your Used Luxury Items Online

5 Tips For Selling Your Used Luxury Items Online

With the beginning of a new year, or even a new decade comes the urge to restore and reorder one's life, and one's wardrobe. Are you really making the most of the clothes and accessories you already have? 

Are you guilty of hanging on to something you're probably never going to wear again for the wrong reasons? Overhauling your wardrobe is good for the soul, and also good for the environment.

Of course, it goes without saying that you shouldn't just throw away your old clothes; Donate to charity or contribute to the circular fashion model by selling your designer goods on our site. 

Locate the Packaging, Receipt or Authenticity Card for Your Items

At face value, the packaging that comes with a designer items, though often very nice might not seem like a big deal. However, when it comes to selling your designer items, it's very important to keep all of these facets intact. Not only does it help to ensure that you get as much cash value as possible, it also helps support the validity of your designer items.

Price Your Items Correctly

When it comes to pricing your designer items, ideally, you want to price it competitively so that you can get cash upfront as soon as possible, right? Even if you 're going to sell with a consignor, it's important to understand how much money you can potentially expect to earn. Do your research to see how much luxury items in the same condition as yours are being priced at online. This is a good way to decide the starting point for your items to be sold. This will also contribute to the speed at which they can be sold. 

Take Videos and a Lot of Pictures

Take as many pictures of the inside and outside of your item as possible. This should also include any accessories that come with your item, as well as pictures of the packaging, receipt or authenticity card. Make sure to block any personal information that might be seen on the receipt. While some believe pictures alone are enough, videos will help you avoid any horror stories. When shipping an item, try filming it being packed and handed over to the shipping staff; this will give you peace of mind. 

Selling Directly to a buyer? Pay for Tracking and Insurance

You want to make sure that when you're shipping your package, you've got a tracking link and an adequate insurance policy. A lot of the time, package insurance can be a little costly, but depending on how expensive your designer item is, it's a smart idea to get it. 

Consign Your Items With Luxe Reloaded

We accept Mens’ and Womens’ Luxury Fashion Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Wallets, Washbags, Travel and Luggage bags, Jewelries etc.  To sell your items with us , simply send an email to sell@luxereloaded.com  with the list of items you want to sell. One of our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. Click this link to learn more.

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