5 Ways to Spot a Fake Designer Bag

If you’re looking to purchase luxury items from second hand or third party vendors, it’s important to be able to verify for yourself that these items are real. Nobody wants to pay the price of the a real luxury item, for a fake one. Of all the luxury fashion dupes, handbags can be the most convincing, so you have to stay alert! 

Say you’ve had your eye on a particular handbag; this short but very useful guide will show you how to choose the real thing. Spot a fake designer bag with these tips:

Pay Attention to Details

All authentic designer handbags are handmade. Pay particular attention to small details, such as metal clasps, handles, zipper pulls, plates and locks. Their quality should be untarnished, and a number or a name should be engraved on them, which is yet another sign of quality and authenticity.

Pay Attention to the Materials

Designer bags are not all made of leather. Louis Vuitton, for example, is a canvas covered with leather trim. If the trim is meant to be leather, it's supposed to feel dry— not wet, slick, or sticky. The hardware is meant to be heavy-not light or weightless. If the bag has been imprinted with the name of the manufacturer, confirm that it is supposed to be. 

Check Tags and Labels

Labels and tags are always a telltale sign. On authentic handbags, the number on the label is sealed and attached in a special way, making it impossible to remove it without damaging it. Fake items usually have a number sticker that has just been glued to the surface.

Check the Lining  

Counterfeiters rarely have a good inside view of the bag. Typically, they work from photographs that tend to distort color. So if you've gone to a boutique and you've seen the color in person, you've got an advantage right away. It's supposed to be exactly the same shade as the real thing— not a close approximation.

Do Your Research

Do a little research on the specific qualities of your chosen luxury brand. Remember – each brand has its own distinctive features, so you ought to know exactly what to look out for. 

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