Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for a Fresh Closet and a Full Wallet

Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for a Fresh Closet and a Full Wallet

If you're afraid of spring cleaning, you're not doing it right.

Spring cleaning could be more about finding cash at home, and less of a chore -it's all about your perspective! 

Yes, you could score some change in the cushions— but this is bigger than that. Use these tips to cash in your clutter:

Phase 1: Begin by putting everything in your closet where you can see all of it.

Map out some time in your schedule; a weekend or an evening would be most convenient. Cleaning your closet can be a miserable chore so grab a friend and some champagne and some music — and you might as well make it fun. Also a second opinion will help as we’re not always objective about our own closets

Phase 2: Separate each item to into Keep, Mend / Clean, Recycle, and Donate Stacks

You should have a goal of purging at least 50 percent of what you own, according to DiNunzio and other closet organizing types. Your keep pile shouldn't be more than half of what's in your closet.

Phase 3: Reorganize Your Closet - Current Season Clothes Should be Front and Center

Restock and separate your closet with the clothes you'll be keeping, putting them all the same direction on the hanger and shoved to one side; so you'll have plenty of space! At the end of the year, the things you've never worn can go up for sale, too.

Phase 4: Visit your Dry Cleaner, Tailor and Cobbler as need be

While random tasks like dry cleaning and mending are easy to ignore, making an effort to close the loop by getting your accessories & garments to the right place has rewards in the future. For new soles and a polish, take shoes to the cobbler. Before tucking them into winter storage, dry clean jackets and get the sleeves of that spring coat shortened. 

Phase 5: Evaluate Your Sell/Discard/Donate Pile

How do you know what to sell? Items that are in good condition, but not for you. Perhaps you've worn it a few times and found it uncomfortable or unattractive on your body, or maybe you’ve never even worn it at all. Sell these items. 

Selling your preloved Clothes and Accessories 

The thing about selling clothes is that, the better quality (and more recognizable brand name) your clothes are, the higher percentage of retail you'll be able to get when you sell them. 

Got designer pieces you no longer need? Consign them with us and we’ll help you sell them! 

Thrift store finds or older clothes in good condition could be sold on Ebay. Low-value brands and casual clothes should go in a yard sale or rummage sale.

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