• Jane and Her Birkin - The History and Facts

    Named after English actress and singer Jane Birkin, Birkins are a line of handmade-in-leather tote bags by the French luxury goods maker, Hermès.    In 1983, Jean-Louis Dumas, Chief Executive of Hermès, sat next to Jane Birkin on a flight from Paris to London. Birkin had just put her straw trave... View Post
  • 5 Ways to Spot a Fake Designer Bag

    If you’re looking to purchase luxury items from second hand or third party vendors, it’s important to be able to verify for yourself that these items are real. Nobody wants to pay the price of the a real luxury item, for a fake one. Of all the luxury fashion dupes, handbags can be the most convin... View Post
  • 5 Tips For Selling Your Used Luxury Items Online

    With the beginning of a new year, or even a new decade comes the urge to restore and reorder one's life, and one's wardrobe. Are you really making the most of the clothes and accessories you already have?  Are you guilty of hanging on to something you're probably never going to wear again for the... View Post